Welcome to the Home of the Angry Penguin

For Sale many previous owners

Easy payments arranged-Dial a Minister for terms
Purchase your own government and receive
Over 600 MP's ready and willing to fulfill your every wish
Over a thousand unelected quangos
Access to Government Ministers 24/7
A Civil Service dedicated to ensuring the privacy of your meetings or
discussions with government officials by judicious use of ,
extemption clauses in the Freedom of Information Act
A police force with expertise in non application of RIPA and other laws on interception and privacy
No fear of prosecution with your very  own CPS
A body of regulators personally chosen by us to ensure little or no
interference with your business
Bids in a manilla envelope are acceptable from represenatives of
Telecom ,Music,Electronics,Advertising and other industries

Experts in information gathering using GCHQ and NSA. We have EYES everywhere
Members of the public need not apply

Your help is needed. Sign this petition
Public inquiry into the implications of GCHQ's 'Tempora' programme